MathCoRe seminar

In a few weeks on Wednesday 20 October, Marco will give a talk entitled 
 "Reflection length in hyperbolic Coxeter groups II
at the fellow's seminar of the MathCoRe here in Magdeburg.
See you there!

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Norddeutsches Gruppentheoriekolloquium

In a few months on 12 November, we will participate in the virtual
 Norddeutsches Gruppentheoriekolloquium,
a traditional one-day meeting on group theory, this time organized by Rebecca Waldecker in Halle. One of the talks will be given by Olga.
See you there!

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Shadows in the wild

The preprint
 "Shadows in the wild -- folded galleries and their applications"
by Petra Schwer has been recently uploaded to the arXiv!

Link to the paper: arXiv:2109.02293

This survey is about combinatorial objects related to reflection groups and their applications in representation theory and arithmetic geometry. Folded galleries in Coxeter complexes are introduced and it is explained how they relate to retractions in Bruhat--Tits buildings and the geometry of affine flag varieties and affine Grassmannians. The goal is to make these topics accessible to a wide audience.

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