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The preprint "Automatic continuity for groups whose torsion subgroups are small" by Daniel Keppeler, Philip Möller and Olga Varghese has been recently uploaded to the arXiv!

Link to the paper: arXiv:2106.12547

We prove that a group homomorphism φ:LG from a locally compact Hausdorff group L into a discrete group G either is continuous, or there exists a normal open subgroup NL such that φ(N) is a torsion group provided that G does not include Q or the p-adic integers Zp or the Prüfer p-group Z(p) for any prime p as a subgroup, and if the torsion subgroups of G are small in the sense that any torsion subgroup of G is artinian. In particular, if φ is surjective and G additionaly does not have non-trivial normal torsion subgroups, then φ is continuous.
As an application we obtain results concerning the continuity of group homomorphisms from locally compact Hausdorff groups to many groups from geometric group theory, in particular to automorphism groups of right-angled Artin groups and to Helly groups.

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Maths Seminar Chennai Mathematical Institute

On Tuesday 10 August, Yuri will give a virtual talk about 
 "Soluble matrix groups and twisted conjugacy classes"
at the Maths Seminar of the Chennai Mathematical Institute in India.
See you there!

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HaJeMaDre Algebra-Seminar

In a few weeks on 13 July, we will participate in the
 HaJeMaDre Algebra-Seminar,
the joint algebra seminar of the universities of Halle, Jena, Magdeburg and Dresden.

See you there!

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