Visualizations of buildings

Bram Bekker is developing an interactive website that helps visualizing spherical and affine buidlings. 
This is really cool!

Go play with the impressive pictures on The Buildings gallery!


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Pi ist genau 3


Der neue irgendwas mit Mathe Podcast aus Magdeburg von Thomas Kahle und Petra Schwer ist live.
Jetzt im Netz, als RSS feedunter und in fast allen Podcast Apps.


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Conratulations Dr. Annette Karrer!

Despite a lot of organizational Corona chaos Annette successfully defended her thesis at KIT this March! 

The title of her thesis is: 
Contracting boundaries of amalgamted free products of CAT(0) groups with applications to right-angled Coxeter groups

Many thanks to all the locals in Karlsruhe who helped to make this possible.

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