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Thematic focus

The focus of our research lies in the usage of geometric and combinatorial methods in algebraic settings.
We are interested in the following topics:

  • geometric group theory
  • in particular npc groups
  • algebraic combinatorics
  • the theory of buildings
  • geometric methods in representation theory

More information can be found on the websites of the individual group members.

 You can find a list of our guests and of workshops, conferences and other activities (co-)organized by us by following these links: 

Third party fuding

Our research is (partially) supported by

 Previous funding includes:


Workshops and Conferenes

MFO Mini-Workshop 2021 Number 2106c: Nonpositively Curved Complexes

joint workshop with Piotr Przytycki and Damian Osajda

Buildings Conference

The conference series "Buildings" started to travel after over two decades. The 26th and 27th editions took place here in Magdeburg, organized by our group. Check out the homepages: Buildings 2019 and Buildings 2021.

SWAN Workshop

Within SWAN we aim to more closely connect the algebra research groups in the southern part of Germany. This is a joint activity with Anne Henke and Steffen König from Stuttgart.

Flags, Galleries and Reflection Groups

Workshop at the University of Sydney, 5-9  August 2019.

Iva Halachevy, Liz Milicevic, Yusra Naqvi, Anne Thomas and Petra Schwer will be hosting a Workshop at the University of Sydney in Australia, August 5-9 2019. This workshop is part of our Australian Research Council grant "Affine flags, folded galleries and Euclidean reflection groups".

KMR Blockseminar

A joint Blockseminar together with WWU Münster took place at KIT,  9-11 August 2017. We discussed various topics around the theme Groups, Buildings and Compactifications.

The announcement  as well as the program was put together by Julia Heller, Annette Karrer, Robin Loose and Nils Leder.

Workshop on Compactifications of Buildings and Symmetric Spaces

In May 2017 Anna Schilling, Anna Wienhard and Petra Schwer hosted a small workshop on compactifications.
Here's the link to the website of the  Workshop on compactifications in Heidelberg

RTG 2229 Conference 'Asymptotic geometry of groups and spaces'

In February our first annual conference of the RTG took place in Heidelberg. More details can be found on the website of this event.

Group Theory, Geometry and the influence of Jaques Tits

We were hosting a conference in honor of Richard Weiss at KIT. See here for the conference website.


the 5th conference in the series Young Geometric Group Theory took place in Karlsruhe February 15-19, 2016. Find out more here: Young Geometric Group Theory V


Oct - Dec 2021, Khanh Nguyen Duc

29. September - 2. October 2019, Yusra Naqvi (Sydney)

9. - 12. September 2019, Jacinta Torres (KIT)

19. June 2019, Ghislain Fourier (Aachen)

7. May 2019, Dawid Kielak (Bielefeld)

12.-14. March 2019, Nir Lazarovich (Technion. Haifa)

5.-9. February 2019, Jacinta Torres (KIT)

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