Study and Teaching

Current lectures

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In case you are interested in writing your Bachelor's or Master's Thesis with us don't hesitate to contact me. 
We will then discuss with you potential geometric/combinatorial/algebraic topics that are tailored to your interests and based on your level of experience. 

If you would like to persue a PhD in my group I would be happy if you contact me even if we don't have positions advertised at the moment. 

 Theses written under my supervision




  • Yannick Steinkamp (Winter 20/21, OVGU)
  • Noam von Rotberg (Summer 2020, Uni Heidelberg)
  • Jonas Labonte (Summer 2018, KIT)
  • Lena Eid (Summer 2017, KIT)
  • Laura Jesser (Winter 2016/17, KIT)
  • Stefan Lais (Summer 2015, KIT)



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