• Talk: "What is... Hilbert's ultra-parallel theorem for hyperplanes", WISST Seminar, Magdeburg
  • Talk "Reflection length in hyperbolic Coxeter groups",  HaJe MaDre Algebra-Seminar, virtual



  • Attended: Groups in Madrid Conference, Madrid, Spain
  • Technical support for: Northern German Group Theory Colloquium, online
  • Attended: Buildings 2021 Conference, Magdeburg, Germany.
  • Talk: "Reflection length in hyperbolic Coxeter groups II", MathCoRe fellows seminar, Magdeburg
  • Supervised: DAAD-founded internship: "Programming a geometric realisation of hyperbolic Coxeter groups".
  • Attended: World of GroupCraft Conference, online
  • Attended: Summer school Berlin 2021: The dual approach to Coxeter and Artin groups, Berlin, Germany
  • Attended: Young geometric group theory X Conference, online
  • Attended: Das Grüppchen 2021 Conference, online
  • Talk: "What is... the basic construction?", WISST Seminar, Magdeburg


  • Talk: "What is... a hyperbolic space?",  WISST Seminar, Magdeburg
  • Talk: "Reflection length in hyperbolic Coxeter groups", MathCoRe fellows seminar, Magdeburg
  • Attended: BYMAT 2020 Conference, virtual.
  • Attended: Combinatorial Coworkspace Conference, Hirschegg, Austria.
  • Attended: Young geometric group theory IX Conference, Saint-Jacut-de-la-mer, France.
  • Talk: "What are... local groups?", WISST Seminar, Magdeburg


  • Attended: Buildings 2019 Conference, Magdeburg, Germany.
  • Talk: "Iwasawa’s local splitting theorem for locally compact groups", 2019, Magdeburg, Germany.

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