Visualizations of buildings

Bram Bekker is developing an interactive website that helps visualizing spherical and affine buidlings. 
This is really cool!

Go play with the impressive pictures on The Buildings gallery!


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Pi ist genau 3


Der neue irgendwas mit Mathe Podcast aus Magdeburg von Thomas Kahle und Petra Schwer ist live.
Jetzt im Netz, als RSS feedunter in fast allen Podcast Apps.


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Glückwunsch Dr. Annette Karrer!

Annette hat vor kurzem am KIT (trotz organisatorischer Quarantäne Schwierigkeiten) erfolgreich Ihre Dissertation verteitigt.  
Wir gratulieren ganz herzlich!

Titel ihrer Arbeit: 
Contracting boundaries of amalgamted free products of CAT(0) groups with applications to right-angled Coxeter groups



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The WISST is a seminar of the Institut für Algebra und Geometrie of the OvGU where members of the IAG present definitions / objects / theorems / results / experiments / examples of their interest, of mathematical and/or didactical nature. 

The speakers talk in an open, informal environment (after tea and coffee!) and present their favorite topics either based on their own research interests or based on works they might have recently stumbled upon on research platforms (such as the arXiv). The talks are 15-minutes long and held in English. Questions are welcome at all times.

More details can be found here


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