Petra Schwer joins Editorial board of IIG


As of August 2021 Petra Schwer has joined the Editorial board of Innovations in Incidence Geometry - Algebraic, topological and combinatorial.

IIG  publishes carefully selected and peer-reviewed original research papers of the highest quality about all aspects of incidence geometry and its applications. These include

  • finite and combinatorial geometry,
  • rank-2 geometries,
  • geometry of groups,
  • Tits-buildings and diagram geometries,
  • incidence geometric aspects of algebraic geometry,
  • incidence geometric aspects of algebraic combinatorics,
  • computational aspects,
  • arrangements of hyperplanes,
  • abstract polytopes and convex polytopes,
  • tropical and F1 geometry,
  • Coxeter groups and root systems,
  • topological geometry,
  • applications of incidence geometry (including coding theory, cryptography, quantum information theory).


Last Modification: 07.09.2021 - Contact Person: P. Schwer