A random (and growing) collection of fun stuff and useful links.


make hyperbolic tilings out of your own pictures

 really cool visualizations of buildings!

3d-printing and maths

online Geometry Puzzles Euclidea

Stackechange thread on Penrose's remark on impossible figures

mathoverflow thread on teaching-based-research

GeoGebra  model of the Poincaré half-plane to play with



Pi ist genau 3 - der Podcast von Petra Schwer und Thomas Kahle

My Favourite Theorem 


Nusschale a science podcast


Other stuff

Secrets of the Surface: The mathematical vision of Maryam Mirzakhani

Global math day - Exploding dots

hyperbolic shapes to illuminate

hyper Rogue - a game in hyperbolic plane

Geogebra a cool visualization tool for Geometry - great for math teachers as well!

 Robert Ghrist: Elementary applied topology

A cohomological vewpoint on elementary school math

Some mugs aren't donuts

A new Eigenvalue-Eigenvector formula

Mathematical concepts named after places

Cross products and the 4-color theorem

How to give better talks



visualizing hyperbolic geometry

Secrets of the Surface: The mathematical vision of Maryam Mirzakhani

and a video about the game hyperRogue on youtube (this is cool to watch even if you don't like playing computer games)

Math is everywhere - video for the first international day of math

60 second adventures in thought

Spherical geometry is stranger than hyperbolic



Gender bias in academia - an annotated bibliography

Study Claims One Punctuation Mark Has Been Skewing Our Scientific Ranking System


Math Myths

Myth-busting Mathematics | Professor Kate Smith-Miles (youtube-link)

The Misconceptions About Math That Are Keeping Students From Succeeding (Kevion Anderton, Forbes) 


Women in Maths

Ruth Moufang - the first female Math Professor in Germany

Secrets of the Surface: The mathematical vision of Maryam Mirzakhani

women of mathematics - a gallery of portraits

European Women in Maths

history of scientific women

Women in combinatorics


Help and unseful stuff

A quick intro to LaTex
Also this thread has many more LaTex Links

pretty book templates on overleaf

Viele schöne Videos zu Themen im 1. Semester

Pandoc - a document converter



Talk Runde zum Corona-Semester



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