Olga Varghese

Dr. Olga Varghese

Institut für Algebra und Geometrie (IAG)
Geometry Group
Universitätsplatz 2, 39106 Magdeburg,

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Research interests

Geometric group theory

  • Daniel Keppeler, Philip Möller und Olga Varghese.
    Automatic continuity for groups whose torsion subgroups are small.
    Preprint, (2021).
  • Philip Möller und Olga Varghese.
    Abstract group actions of locally compact groups on CAT(0) spaces.
    Erscheint in Groups, Geometry and Dynamics (2021).
  • Olga Varghese.
    Automorphism groups of Coxeter groups do not have Kazhdan's property (T).
    Preprint, (2020).
  • Samuel M. Corson und Olga Varghese.
    A Nunke type classification in the locally compact setting.
    Journal of Algebra 563 (2020), 49-52.
  • Olga Varghese.
    On number of ends of graph products of groups.
    Communications in Algebra, (2020).
  • Nils Leder und Olga Varghese.
    A note on locally elliptic actions on cube complexes.
    Innovations in Incidence Geometry: Algebraic, Topological and Combinatorial 18-1 (2020), 1-6.
  • Olga Varghese.
    On hyperbolicity and virtual freeness of automorphism groups.
    Geometriae Dedicata, (2019). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10711-019-00486-6.
  • Olga Varghese.
    The automorphism group of the universal Coxeter group.
    Erscheint in Expositiones Mathematicae, (2019).
  • Linus Kramer und Olga Varghese.
    Abstract homomorphisms from locally compact groups to discrete groups.
    Journal of Algebra, vol. 538, (2019), 127-139.
  • Anthony Genevois und Olga Varghese.
    Conjugating automorphisms of graph products: Kazhdan's property (T) and SQ-universality.
    Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society 101 (2020), no. 2, 272–282.
  • Olga Varghese.
    A condition that prevents groups from acting fixed point free on cube complexes.
    Geometriae Dedicata 200 (2019), no. 1, 85–91.
  • Olga Varghese.
    On coherence of graph products of groups and Coxeter groups.
    Discrete Mathematics, vol. 342(7), (2019), 2100-2105.
  • Olga Varghese.
    Planarity of Cayley graphs of graph products of groups.
    Discrete Mathematics, vol. 342(6), (2019), 1812-1819.
  • Olga Varghese.
    Representations of groups with CAT(0) fixed point property.
    Archiv der Mathematik, vol. 111(3), (2018), 231-238.
  • Olga Varghese.
    Actions of SAut(Fn ).
    Archiv der Mathematik, vol. 110(4), (2018), 319-325.
  • Olga Varghese.
    Fixed points for actions of Aut(Fn ) on CAT(0) spaces.
    Münster Journal of Mathematics, vol. 7, (2014), 439-462.

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