WISST! - das "What is...?"-Seminar nach'm Tee!

The WISST! is a seminar of the Institut für Algebra und Geometrie of the OvGU where members of the IAG present definitions / objects / theorems / results / experiments / examples of their interest, of mathematical and/or didactical nature. The seminar is inspired by the "what is...?"-, "15 Minuten"- and "arXiv"-Seminars of the BMS, the KIT and the Uni Bielefeld, respectively, as well as by the "What is...?" Column of the Notices of the AMS.


The speakers talk in an open, informal environment (after tea and coffee!) and present their favorite topics either based on their own research interests or based on works they might have recently stumbled upon on research platforms (such as the arXiv). The talks are 15-minutes long and held in English. Questions are welcome at all times.


Important notice regarding covid-19:

Due to the current developments regarding the corona virus, the WISST! is suspended until further notice. We hope to return to our regular activities soon. Stay healthy!

The seminar usually takes place on Tuesdays, from 14:30 to 14:50, in the Seminar Room (G03-223) of the IAG. Below is the past schedule:

03.12.2019 Yuri Santos Rego What are... Heegaard splittings?
10.12.2019 Tobias Boege What is... a polymatroid?
07.01.2020 Marco Lotz What are... local groups?
14.01.2020 Frank Röttger What is... a permutation statistic?
21.01.2020 Silke Neuhaus  What is... Grundvorstellung?
04.02.2020 Tobias Boege What is... a hyperfield?
11.02.2020 Lamprini Ananiadi
 What is... a staged tree (statistical) model?
18.02.2020 Thomas Kahle What is... predatory publishing?
03.03.2020 Thomas Kahle What is... a journal?


In case of any questions, please contact the coordinator of the seminar.

Last Modification: 12.03.2020 - Contact Person: Dr. Yuri Santos Rego